A Moving Out Checklist for First-Time Movers in Sydney

Let’s be honest. Are you excited about shifting to a new place? It can feel you up with a myriad of emotions, but it is, without any doubt, a stressful situation. So do you want to know how to have a smooth and seamless shifting experience? The best way to get started is to have a moving out checklist. 

But you can ask why do you need a move out list? What is actually a moving checklist? There can be several questions you have related to this. We will try to help you as the first-time movers in Sydney with your list queries.

Why Do You Need A Move Out List? 

Starting a new life in Sydney or going from one part to the other for several factors brings many things into play. While getting ready to move out, there are several things you need to bear in mind. You could face many issues when trying to settle into a new place for a new job, university studies, or starting life at a new home. 

You would like to have all the necessary things in your new apartment or home, in the most organized way possible. To ensure the easy and efficient process of shifting without any stress and in an organized manner, moving out the list is essential. It will make the entire process a lot easier for you.

What Is Moving Out Checklist?

A moving out list is a list where you write down all the details you need to do and get your items in an order. The list is the magical thing that can get you through with little or no stress. 

Your mind is undoubtedly in a thousand different places and thinking of million to-do things. While you want to get everything done at once, the list will help you focus on precisely the things you need to do chronologically. It will help you to remember everything that is you need to do. 

A checklist can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be, depending on how detailed work you want to do. The more detail you go, the less you have to remember, which means you have to take less stress. One of the vital parts of the list that you do need to care about is the list. 

Move Out Cleaning Checklist – What’s included in a move out clean?

Most landlords in Sydney prefer to get their apartments back in the condition they gave to you. So when you plan to hand the keys back, you should do a deep cleaning of the place. 

Though a deep cleaning is not part of the agreement typically or legal requirement, it is customary when moving out. When you prepare the move-out cleaning list, you have to consider the property’s type and size. Also, how well you have maintained the place during your stay will determine the list and how long it will take to clean it. 

Here is a comprehensive move out the list for you to use as a starting point. 

  • All your personal belongings should be removed, including clearing the closet, shelves, wall arts and furniture. 
  • Dust and wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops, shelves, fireplace mantles, windowpanes, and other hard surfaces.
  • Wipe the cabinets, mainly the kitchen and bathroom ones, as they collect quite a lot of grime.
  • Wipe the appliances as they get covered in fingerprints. In case the rental came with a fridge, microwave, and other stainless steel appliances, clean them with water and vinegar mixture, or you can buy cleaning solutions from any supermarket in Sydney. 
  • Wipe the oven and stovetop so ensure there is no food residue or any grime. 
  • Sanitize the stovetop, cooking range, fridge and the freezer with a disinfectant spray. 
  • Toilets, sinks, shower cubicles and bathtubs need to be scrubbed. If there is any mildew, rust or mould remove them. 
  • If you have hung any pictures and the landlord has not asked you to keep the nails or anchors on the wall, remove them. 
  • After removing them fill the holes and if needed, repair the drywall. 
  • Paint the scratches or any marking left on the wall. 
  • Vacuum everything that does not restrict to only the floors. Give an overall vacuum of the stairs, closets, nooks and corners and even hard to reach areas.
  • After wiping all the surfaces and vacuuming give all the non-carpeted areas on the floor a good mop. 

What is the difference between standard clean and move out clean?

Any cleaning company in Sydney offers both standards and move out clean services. While standard procedure costs less than move out clean and a professional is hired to keep up with the regular maintenance. Mainly anyone who has a busy schedule can hire a professional cleaner for standard service. 

Deep scrubbing costs more and requires the cleaner to keep the entire property spotless. It is needed to get the security deposit from the rental agencies of Sydney. Thorough cleaning and wiping with sanitization is done of the property. 

How much does it cost for a move out cleaning?

Typically in Sydney, the cleaners charge on an hourly rate between $20 and $50. It can cost $200 for smaller houses whereas it can go up to $1000 on a flat rate for larger properties. However, several factors are taken into account by a professional company when determining the cost the move out cleaning.

  • The size and type of property
  • The number of rooms in the house
  • The location of the property 
  • The reputation of the company
  • The tasks that you want them to do
  • How detailed work you want them to do, and how long will it take for the cleaner to do it. 

Also, the urgency of the job and some extra work that you need them to do will cost you more. 

How Long Does An End of Lease Clean Take?

Depending on the detailed work, the professional cleaner needs to determine the cleaners’ time to do the house’s end of lease cleaning. Typically it can range between two hour and eight hours when two or three cleaners are engaging in the task for a two-bedroom house.  

If you are looking for professional cleaners in Sydney and keep your worries aside when shifting to another place, contact us. We will help you with the cleaning, and you can concentrate on the moving out checklist.